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Posted by Communique at 10:28 AM on Jun 7, 2019

The first of many blog posts to come, and what better way to start off than to describe how Communique could work for you! It all begins with social media — how it’s the most crucial aspect of promoting your ventures online. Once upon a time, online business promotion was as simple as building a functional website to advertise your image and the occasional circulation of emails across a network of relevant contacts to spread awareness. Now? It’s not that simple. The internet has become a lot more active in part thanks to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube: it’s all about participation, and what you wish to contribute. What does this mean for your enterprise? Participation, of course!

Promoting yourself online is far from a passive activity, it involves a series of exciting, fresh — yet sustainable contributions to create interest in your brand. Depending on what business you partake in, this content will vary depending on what is appropriate. For example: if you want to promote a business with strong visual aspects like particular products or events, then the most effective approach would involve showing off the best of those things through visual promotion, such as photography and video content that can be shared to communities such as on Instagram or Facebook. On the other end, if your business is based on consultation or analytics, then content writing such as blog posts, articles or even analysis reports become an important factor in reflecting the progress of your business with potential clients or associates. Remember, promotional content can only carry as much interest as the creator has for it!

That said, it’s fully understandable that some businesses are simply too busy or wary to jump into this environment on their own. That is where we come in. Content writing like this is our ‘bread and butter’ — not to mention our other services available on our site. If you’re looking to expand your brand online, see what Communique can do for you!