Passive promotion - your brand image

Posted by Communique at 10:52 AM on Jun 14, 2019

Among all the active and self-driven ways you can go about gathering interest in your enterprise, it’s easy to forget that one of the simplest factors can sometimes be the most important: your reputation. Think of how many businesses have risen and fallen simply due to what consumers at large have felt about them: a once-thriving restaurant collapsing after rumours of unhygienic conditions, or a business that soared overnight due word-of-mouth success with their products. Results like this are outside of your control, but the conditions that create such results can be secured simply by how your business or enterprise can look to the outside world.

Think of your reputation as the impression someone will have of you. If you conduct yourself in a neglectful or even negative manner, you will obviously leave a negative impression on others, who will avoid you. This applies to your enterprise, whether online or in sales environments. In order to maintain a basic positive brand image, you can follow some of these points.

  • Customer Service/Client Relations — perhaps the simplest but equally as important as the others. The way your conduct your business first hand with those you serve or work with can have lasting consequences to your reputation. It only takes a few bad reviews on social media channels or Google to have serious effects on your online profile, which in turn can put-off potential consumers or subscribers.

  • Promotion & Politics — unless your enterprise is an awareness campaign or specifically to do with political issues, it is best to focus your promotion solely on what is relevant to your enterprise. Regardless of what your ideology or political beliefs are, it usually has nothing to do with your business, and involving it with your ventures can lead to unnecessary division and conflict, which in turn leads to a negative reputation.

  • Statistics & Tracking — if your enterprise is looking to focus on what consumers react the most positively to, then utilizing Reputation Management Software can be a good path to enhancing your reputation. There are plenty of resources such as ReviewTrackers or BirdEye for monitoring reviews from across the web and letting you change your business strategy as would most benefit your overall reputation.

Your reputation is not enough on its own however, it still requires active promotion and content to enhance your brand. Maintaining a positive brand image is more about staying aware of your followers or consumer base, and engaging with them on issues that need addressing. In doing this, you ensure that new potential customers, clients or subscribers will be more interested in your enterprise simply because of your attractive brand image and positive reputation.