Promotion - two simple steps

Posted by Communique at 9:45 AM on Jun 8, 2019

Here you are: you have the brand; you have the product; you have the drive. How are you supposed to let everyone know? There are torrents of blogs and articles headlining super lucrative and enticing methods to get ahead, which can all feel overwhelming: ‘5 Easy Steps to Gaining Thousands!’ or ‘7 Things You Can Do To Make It BIG!’ Sometimes it feels like you’re being sold a bill of goods. It’s understandable, so here’s a small tip you can use to get on the right track.

1: Start - For every reason to start something, there are three reasons not to. It’s easy to make up every excuse under the sun, but if you want to get anywhere with self-promotion, the most important step is putting aside the doubt getting underway. Work to your strengths: if you are visually orientated, then photographs or vlogs could be the way to go; if you are better at simple content, even twitter accounts can provide an important hub of information for the updates you need to send out for the benefit of your enterprise. If you know what to create in order to start your self-promotion efforts, go for it!

2: Sustain - Starting can feel like the biggest step, but there is a long road ahead. Unfortunately, marketing isn’t purely automated yet, so you can’t just create a core marketing concept and then abandon it to wither away. Promoting yourself or your business requires a regular schedule — releasing either weekly or monthly, attract and retain an audience who will view what you put out. Your content itself doesn’t have to be innovative — you’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. You’re preventing stagnation. Promotion is inherently linked to what you’re promoting: you wouldn’t embark on such a project if you had nothing to market, so why would leave out the marketing when you have something waiting there to be promoted? Keep coming back, so your audience does.

Success doesn’t come overnight. It requires time and dedication like every effort that expects returns. Don’t worry about all the unnecessary details for now, if you want to make a beginning, then maybe this can help.