Social Media - a start

Posted by Communique at 12:18 PM on Jun 13, 2019

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The time has come to find more traffic for your website or business. You are making your first social media page! It’s a good start, but where to from here?
  • Profile — you have to think about what people are going to be looking for when they arrive at your page or profile. The first and most obvious one is your profile picture. It may seem silly to point it out, but people have to know that the social media page they’re visiting corresponds to YOUR business, so if you have logo or picture that can be connected to your enterprise, set that as your profile picture.

  • About — information is important too. If you’re using a social media profile like Facebook where there is a section dedicated to information and contacts, make sure to fill them out. This includes telephone numbers, emails, web addresses and even other media links (such as YouTube). Doing this gives visitors more channels to get in touch with you.

  • Cross-promotion — don’t just create a social media profile and leave it in the dark. If you have websites, email contacts or other social media sites you use regularly, then make sure to put your new profile in a place where it can be accessed. Your website should have a section with all your social media links; places like Youtube also allow for this on their ‘about’ tab.

  • Hashtags — if you do any sort of promotion, whether through products or services, then any update you put on a social media profile can be enhanced with tagging. If you put a hashtag before a relevant tag, your chances of reaching more potential followers increases. Including your own enterprise in that hashtag can also categorize all of you relevant information into one group, which can be useful for people looking for specific updates.

While just a start, making the most of these features can be a real boost to your efforts in getting a social media circle off the ground and getting promotion for your business or enterprise going along faster.