The Tech Tree – 5G

Posted by Communique at 11:00 AM on Jul 15, 2019

You hear about it in the news, on social media and by general word of mouth. What exactly is 5G? Whatever it is, it’s a controversial topic nowadays. It’s involved in geopolitics, corporate espionage and even health related concerns. Well, first lets go back in time to understand all the fuss.

In the 1980s, the world was introduced to a new age of communication: 1G, or better known as the first generation of wireless cellular technology: starting off as analog radio signals picked up by those chunky brick phones you see in movies like Beverly Hills Cop or Miami Vice. Next in the early 1990s came 2G, or better known as the second generation of wireless cellular technology: the introduction of digital communications. It all grew up from there. Now we are entering the fifth generation, what can we expect to see?

There are way too many specifics to go into, but two important things to consider:

  • Speed is expected to be around the Gigabit range (for comparison the best of current 4G is around 500 Megabits per second)

  • A targeted ‘air latency’ of around 4 milliseconds (it’s currently around 12 milliseconds)

In a broader sense, this will drastically change the way communications and information technology can process data or transmissions on industrial/multi-national scales. It can reduce traffic to open up more channels of information transfer, as well as creating possible Wi-fi cellular convergences, which can contain networks under less devices than currently needed. It’s an immense change.

More immediately for us, it means we have quicker access to more information: updating data storage with larger information packets can be done instantaneously, streaming intensive media (such HFR, 4k or 8k video) can be achieved without buffering issues, cloud based neural networking can be processed much faster. We’re not quite there yet, but expect to see these features flaunted as 5G telecommunications is set up across the globe.

What does this mean for a business, or venture? Well, just thinking about how such powerful methods of communicating are now becoming reality really gives you more tools to work with, especially with online promotion and marketing.