The Tech Tree - where to branch off

Posted by Communique at 2:44 PM on Jul 2, 2019

We live in ‘the future’ - that distant time dreamed by ideas found in old sci-fi books and speculative television: satellite-based internet, virtual reality, self-driving cars, neural-networking AI. It’s all here. It might not feel as exciting as what you would have thought it to be, but that’s to be expected. What does it all mean for promotion though?

Already you have tech groups and research firms finding out how best to utilize these upcoming technologies (as shown in our blog on Augmented Reality[LINK HERE]). One of the more important things to realize right now however, is that a lot of the interest in near-future technologies is essentially based on predictions: gauging public and private interests on what particular innovation will stand out the most as a platform for not only personal use, but for promotional use.

So, if we’re going to go into predictions, and what could possibly become the new ‘standard’ in the realms of online promotion, I’ll make a wager on a few of these three technologies:

  • A.I. – specifically the use of neural networking, this has already shown breathtaking results in the areas of photo-recognition, data analysis and digital manipulation.

  • 5G – possible health concerns aside, 5G will be essential for super-high speed data streaming over wireless networks, allowing for the creation of larger and more robust online productions.

  • Blockchain – possibly the most useful in terms of immediate security: distributed ledger technology (DLT) allows for the processing of transactions, data storage and asset management through securely encrypted processes, protecting sensitive material of any kind.

While there are other ‘feasible’ technologies such as self-driving cars and the development of ‘smart-cities’, they are still in a realm too distant from the present to make safe assumptions of.

Keep an eye on our blog section in upcoming weeks, as there will be articles that explain in greater detail just what A.I., 5G and Blockchain are all about, and how they could benefit your promotional efforts in the future.