Twitter – a new look

Posted by Communique at 1:08 PM on Aug 5, 2019

Not too long ago, Twitter released quite a substantial update to their site, completely overhauling its UI, navigation and general design — the first of its kind considering Twitter has remained relatively unchanged on the front end since 2014. So why now?

It may have something to do with the change in scope. Back when Twitter first started in 2006, it was essentially evolving on the front end each year, working on improvements to attract a larger user base. As of 2018, Twitter broke more than 321 million active users. Now most of you can vouch for how delicate a situation it is for your own site when major changes are made, how exactly users will respond to any overhaul of their preferred system. It’s a big leap, and according to Twitter, was made only after the “hundreds of thousands of responses we received during those tests”. The first thing most people would consider would be, why bother? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, especially after 5 years.

It goes beyond the practical point of technical improvements (which you can check out on their official blog). A healthy attitude in business is activeness to demonstrate to your customers or clients that you remain engaged in the constantly changing conditions of modern technology and industry. A business may remain the same for decades, but its customers will not, and instead follow what is fresh and trending. It isn’t about re-branding either, as what this does is retain the same service you have always been using, its just presented in a different manner. That’s the simplicity of it: you can avoid stagnancy without the need for a total restructuring.

If you’re worried about your venture falling into the doldrums, perhaps its time to revisit your design documents — touch up an old logo, or a new colour scheme, perhaps?