Email marketing may seem like an archaic method, but it is still invaluable for getting across your subscriber base. You are able to connect with a potentially huge list of contacts, allowing you do everything from simply promoting your brand, all the way up to product showcases, news stories and even sharing stories of your enterprise. We know how valuable a tool email marketing can be for your business.

Email Lists

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We can help you create a sign-up system to start your email list through a variety of methods than can work best for your venture: old-fashioned sign-up sheets or social media enabled sign-ups, we can help you build it from the ground up.

Branding & Design

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We offer design and branding options that can be applied to your email marketing campaigns - creating a recognisable and attractive look that will engage with your subscriber base and help boost productivity and sale for financial ventures.

Promotion & Campaigns

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If you're already sitting on a goldmine of an email list, but aren't sure how to promote yourself, then Communique can work with you to set up a sustained and engaging promotion effort that will make the most of your marketing assets.

It may seem viable to forget about email and move straight to social media, with Facebook boasting an active 1 billion active users and twitter having 255 million. However, consider as of now, the number of registered emails currently on the web numbers around 3.9 billion. If even if you were to reach just a fraction of this number, it would be a massive boost for you business. Let us here at Communique know how we can help you tap into this lucrative sector!