While it can be argued how beneficial social media is for our personal lives, it is almost essential for promotion in any sort of venture you are undertaking. Nearly every platform is free to sign-up with, and is already loaded with millions of users all ready to see what it is you have to offer! We understand that social media can be a confusing environment to deal with, so here is what we do.

Start Ups


If you are only looking for help with getting started, we are more than happy to organise the necessary assets and content needed to create social media accounts. Along with this, we can also help you publish early press-releases or updates.

Ideas & Consultation

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If you're having trouble promoting your business or putting yourself out there for followers, we can work with you to plan ideas and strategies that maximise the use of your social media account alongside what is appropriate for your enterprise.

Account Management

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Communique can offer subscription based plans for managing any or all of your social media accounts. It can range from small scale plans based around security or admin up to larger and more sustained content and promotion campaigns.

You could be a new venture looking for promotion, or you may be an old business look to revitalise your promotion strategies, either way, social media will no doubt be an invaluable tool for this. Even if it's just for inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us here at Communique, and see what we can do what's right for you!